Central Park and Upper Manhattan

This is our Saturday in the Big Apple! It was great to see the sunshine out and a forecast of perfect weather ahead! The first destination was Central Park, by way of the Waldorf Astoria, Trump Tower and FAO Schwartz. A lot of information to absorb as we walked through this east section of the city. The Waldorf Astoria was a walk through the lobby where we admired the craftmanship in the central clock. This was a memory lane moment for me. In June of 2010, I stayed at the hotel during some business meetings that changed my life in many ways. The weekend prior to the meeting, a head cold started and it was in full combat by the time I arrived in New York. A sinus infection moved the mere head cold to all shades of miserable. At some point, I escaped from meetings long enough to go to a Duane Reade doctor facility and start on antibiotics for the remainder of the week. It was June, but rainy and cold. I recall holding my head and ears during the flight back to Dallas and being pleasantly surprised that my hearing was not damaged from the event. Anyway, to this day, I say “If you are miserably sick in NYC, the Waldorf is an excellent choice for a sick bed!”. The hotel comforts were the only bright spot in that week of pain. Anyway, back to the present.

We moved on the north and made stops in various stores and buildings along the route. We walked through Trump Tower and rested for a bit in the atrium. The next stop was the FAO Schwartz toy store, which was very enjoyable. We found the keyboard used in the movie “Big” and saw the Statue of Liberty made of lego blocks.

Central Park was a must-see on our list, but we were both rather weary of the long walks and may not have given it the proper attention. There were some highlights that we enjoyed in the couple of hours that we spent there. We saw the fountain and strawberry fields and the promenade. We noted that the park is very photogenic. Our best photo series of the entire trip was at Central Park.

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