Intrepid Museum

The rain was cold and fierce as we began Day 3. Our first museum destination was the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum, located 46th @ 12th. We had not mastered local bus routes and set out on foot with umbrella in hand. The umbrella was of little use, as we were soaked in short order due to the wind drafts. After trekking across the many city blocks, we arrived at the entry to the Intrepid museum. A bagel from the local street vendor restored our spirits and we were ready to explore the aircraft carrier. With appropriate identification cards, there is free admission for retired military personnel. This access includes the Intrepid, the Space Shuttle Pavilion, the GrowlerSubmarine, and an interesting historical film of the ship.

Our next tourist destination was Grand Central Terminal, which was quite a journey back across the city. By this time, we were accustomed to walking but did consider taking a taxi or pedi-cab. Instead, we made several stops along the way and planned on taking a break at the hotel to regroup for the afternoon. Deli sandwiches and chips were a perfect light lunch and we enjoyed talking with the locals at the sandwich shop during our brief stop there. During our visit to Grand Central Station, we used a free tour app to learn about the main terminal area. There are free guided tours on Friday @ 12:30 pm but we did not arrive in time to participate. The app audio had appropriate descriptions to capture the listener’s attention and provide an educational experience.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A good day of learning and light on the wallet too!

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