Vancouver, British Columbia



We entered Canada at Vancouver, British Columbia at the Canada Pier and debarked in the first group off of the ship. This early departure option was available for passengers who were willing and able to carry all luggage with them on departure.  Headed over to the bus terminal. We were really impressed with the clean terminal station and the friendly staff guiding us to the bus area. We checked in early for our Quick Shuttle and were soon on our way to Seattle. Note that Quick Coach and Quick Shuttle are the same company. The bus driver gave us a bit of tourist information as we drove, and we quickly determined that  Vancouver is certainly a city worth another visit!

About an hour into our trip, we reached a US Customs station.  Every one departed from the bus with carry-on belongings  and passports (or other paperwork) in hand, walked through a line and through security similar to airports, and then out the door on the opposite side of the building and back to the bus.  We continued the journey by bus through the rural lands and had a very pleasant trip.

We arrived in Seattle at SEATAC airport and picked up the rental car for the weekend with friends.

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