Walt Disney Resort’s Magic Kingdom in October

With only two days to spend at the  Walt Disney Resort, we knew the hours would be action-packed!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day One started with a trip to Magic Kingdom. Visiting the park for the first time as 50-somethings, it was an enjoyable day, but not particularly “magical”.





We started off along Main Street and then to the left side of the park, which seemed less crowded. Main StreetWe climbed through the tree house at an easy pace and then over to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with no waiting at the entry.




After a walk to the back of the park, we did have a 30 minute wait for the raft ride to Tom Sawyer Island, but once we arrived were quickly exploring the island’s caves, bridges forts and more.  A short ride on the motorized raft carried us back to the main area of the park.

Map of Tom Sawyer IslandBarrel Bridge at Tom Sawyer Island






One of the highlights of the day was the Hall of Presidents display. This exhibit has robotic presidents (no laughing allowed) and synchronized speaking and actions for a journey through the timeline of America’s history. Hall of Presidents

After lunch, we enjoyed watching and then riding the Mad Tea Party. Next event on the program was the featured parade, which was exciting and beautiful with the many costumed characters and lively music.

Humming along afterwards, we went to Disney’s Tomorrowland. The only exhibit that captured our attention in that section was a rotating exhibit showing the history of technology. It was entertaining and educational, so we enjoyed it a lot. After a few other rides and displays, we headed to the monorail for the quick ride over to Epcot, concluding our time in the Walt Disney Resort’s Magic Kingdom.

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