The Retirement Project

This is the core of what this blog is all about.  Is it possible to set a timeline for retiring and starting our dream of international immersion travel?  We vote YES!

Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi

Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi 2010

After all, if Gretchen Rubin can cram happiness into a one year experiment, we can use the same approach with retirement planning. Right?

So, starting points and ground rules – only two at this point.

We must work our current career fields diligently and with focus. Daydreams of retiring during the workweek will surely send us off course to the path that we have chosen.  We are very fortunate to both have interesting careers and reliable income.  Daydreaming on weekends and during long commutes is perfectly allowable (and encouraged!).

Practice traveling together and find the groove for our travel experiences.  This is beginning to come together. Gwyn is the “planner” and John is the voice of reason and problem solver when we are “in the moment” and the plan falls apart.  Good fit!  This understanding of our strengths is crucial as we move into different cultures and new experiences.


As we start The Retirement Project, the goals are vague. They will become SMART goals over time, with structure and specific actionable events to ensure the key milestones are achieved.

Cover living expenses with one income source and build new income streams for travel and hobbies.  We have never had the luxury of not working, so working for pay is normal.  In addition to our careers, we have dabbled in a variety of enterprises which include travel agency, retail store, custom embroidery, classroom teaching, telephone order taking, genealogy research, woodworking, crochet, sewing and crafting, to name a few. These skills are marketable and are ways to supplement the travel piggy bank, both now and in the future.

One trip each month – Go Somewhere and Do Something!  This goal is about not becoming stagnant in our quest for a nomadic future.  It is easy to become an armchair traveler or to spend the day in front of a television filled with adventures of other people. That is not the story we desire to live.  Having recently relocated to central Mississippi, there is a land to be explored just outside the door!

Learn from the experts.  This is the time to seek the wisdom of other world travelers and fine-tune our list of adventure locations.  We well-know the frailty of life and our time on this earth.  Our plan may not be the plan that plays out for our future, but to choose not to dream into the future is akin to quitting.

So, there we have it.  Two rules and three goals. The journey begins.

Join the conversation! What’s your dream and your plan to get there?  Is there a “Retirement Project” or “Happiness Project” in your future?



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