Roosevelt State Park in Morton, Mississippi

We went exploring at Roosevelt State Park today.

Roosevelt State Park Lake

Lake View at Roosevelt State Park- Morton Mississippi

The sunny day and blue skies were perfect for testing out my new camera.  The park is located about 10 miles from our home and we have passed by many times without stopping to visit.  It is about a mile north of I-20 just about 45 minutes’ drive east of Jackson Mississippi. For a $3 day-pass entry fee, we visited the lake area, picnic locations (which were abundant) and saw the CCC cabins that are part of the National Historic Register.  The entry station was not manned, but there was a sign asking for the $3 to be placed in the honor box located nearby.

Hotel at Roosevelt State Park

Hotel at Roosevelt State Park

The hotel on-site is a bonus at $62/night for weekdays and $74 /night for weekends. Every room faces the lake and has an outdoor area with seating.  We drove through the RV section of the park and found the area that is set aside for tent camping.  There are several hiking trails through the park. The park store and visitor center were closed on this Sunday afternoon. We had hoped to get a map with the hiking trail locations.

It was a beautiful and relaxing afternoon and we look forward to going back soon!

Roosevelt State Park Entry

Must have tech toys

When you travel around the country or even anywhere in the world, it is important to have the right equipment.  You definitely will need some essential tech toys.  This is especially true in terms of our technology in a connected world.  We have two kinds of equipment that make our trips away from home successful.  The first is a computer to keep our blog updated, and the second is our cameras.

MBP Imageipad2




For our computers we sometimes have a notebook computer, and sometimes carry our iPad 2 as well as our iPhones.  I hate to admit it, but we would be lost without our iPhone.  It has not only the regular phone features, but also we have Google Maps installed to ensure that we don’t get lost.  For someone who maintained navigational charts during my navy time, I can be quite navigationally challenged.  It is Gwyn who does a better job of knowing where are and where we are going.




We have two cameras, well actually four cameras if you count our iPhones.  The main cameras that we use are an Olympus Evolt E-500 DSLR, and a Canon Powershot SX280.  I am not perfect at my photography yet, so my camera skills are a work in progress.  I tend to be a little geeky, so I definitely love my tech toys.


apple camera connection

One of the things that we have ever tried is the Apple Camera Connection kit.  This allowed me to easily transfer pictures from both fancy DSLR camera and the iPhones on our recent trip to Alaska to the iPad, where we were able to thin our pictures down from around 1500 to a more manageable number.

Lake Murray Resort Park – Oklahoma

Lake Murray Resort Park in Oklahoma is a treasure! We had a wonderful time exploring this park in February.  An easy drive north from Fort Worth, but a world away from the rush of the city!

Lake Murray State Park-ATV Campground

Lake Murray State Park-ATV Campground

We had a great time exploring and visiting with family in February. First stop was the ATV camp area.  The muddin’ playground was open for business!  The sunshine after weeks of rainy days was the perfect weather for the local off-road /all-terrain enthusiasts.

Lake Murray State Park

The parking lot was filling quickly with pickup trucks, cattle trailers, open trailers and any other means for hauling 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers to the park. With over 1,000 acres of mostly boggy mud, the fun times begin.  Families arrived in groups with participants ranging from toddlers to grandparents and everyone was smiling in anticipation of the adventure. This recreation area is huge and is limited only by the banks of the lake.  The undeveloped area has water areas, shrubbery, mature trees and enough space that you can truly get away from the world.  There are some paths and trails, but it’s mostly open land and riders can venture anywhere in the park.

Lake Murray State Park

The gate house is the check-in point where riders pay $10 for a daily armband pass and can then come and go as desired.  The parking lot beside the gate house is open from 8am to dusk.  The entry/exit point closes at sunset each day which is clearly posted at the gate. Nearby, this campground includes public facilities along with RV and tent camping spots.

We explored the park with Dawn, our private tour guide who currently works as a camp host for the ATV grounds (and is John’s sister).  We had an amazing tour because she has been at this location for about a year and has learned about all areas of the park.  The highlight of the tour was visiting the “castle” at the visitor center.

Lake Murray State Park-Chapel

Lake Murray State Park-Chapel

We also stopped for a few minutes at the chapel, which was open at the time we visited.  The main campground office is the place to stop for maps and information about the park facilities, reservations, cabins and for souvenirs. This park has a rich history and is a wonderful destination for families. As a vacation destination, the park includes a hotel with 50 guest rooms, over 80 cottage style cabins and more than 500 tent and RV campsites. Something for everyone!

Lake Murray State Park-Day's End

Lake Murray State Park-Day’s End