Must have tech toys

When you travel around the country or even anywhere in the world, it is important to have the right equipment.  You definitely will need some essential tech toys.  This is especially true in terms of our technology in a connected world.  We have two kinds of equipment that make our trips away from home successful.  The first is a computer to keep our blog updated, and the second is our cameras.

MBP Imageipad2




For our computers we sometimes have a notebook computer, and sometimes carry our iPad 2 as well as our iPhones.  I hate to admit it, but we would be lost without our iPhone.  It has not only the regular phone features, but also we have Google Maps installed to ensure that we don’t get lost.  For someone who maintained navigational charts during my navy time, I can be quite navigationally challenged.  It is Gwyn who does a better job of knowing where are and where we are going.




We have two cameras, well actually four cameras if you count our iPhones.  The main cameras that we use are an Olympus Evolt E-500 DSLR, and a Canon Powershot SX280.  I am not perfect at my photography yet, so my camera skills are a work in progress.  I tend to be a little geeky, so I definitely love my tech toys.


apple camera connection

One of the things that we have ever tried is the Apple Camera Connection kit.  This allowed me to easily transfer pictures from both fancy DSLR camera and the iPhones on our recent trip to Alaska to the iPad, where we were able to thin our pictures down from around 1500 to a more manageable number.

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