Another Rainy Day

Megans Bay

Megan’s Bay

It’s raining outside my open window and the aroma reminds me of a world waiting to be explored – and islands. We’re counting our nickels and making plans for more travel!

I’ve received some questions about how we make money for travel using the SendOutCards website, so here are a few of the questions and some rambling thoughts. Please reach out at any time if you are interested in becoming a customer or in learning about owning a business that is location independent. This business continues full speed ahead even when we are on the road or at sea!

How can SendOutCards help with my holiday greeting cards?

The SendOutCards system allows you to send a card to a single recipient or multiple recipients. The Card Campaign feature is an advanced way to send one card or multiple cards to multiple recipients on multiple dates. You control the card selection, the mailing date, and you can even include a personalized message using customized fonts of YOUR handwriting!  This online system saves time and money when sending personal greeting cards – even photo cards!

I need a system to manage my business mailings. Can SendOutCards help with my business?

Absolutely! Whether you are looking to send a postcard or greeting card to introduce your business, provide notification of business events or just to send a big THANK YOU to your customers, the SendOutCards system has it covered!  Simplify your marketing efforts with REAL results! Some businesses and churches even use this program for birthday card programs.

How do I send cards to the military? 

The USPS has compiled information regarding sending mail to our troops on this webpage :

My story: SendOutCards is an MLM organization with a super-useful product!  Instead of standing in a store searching for the perfect greeting card, I use the SendOutCards website to select and customize our greeting cards. When I click “send”, the fine folks in Salt Lake City print, envelope and mail my personalized cards (including photos and personal notes) through the US postal service!  It is not always convenient to go into a store to shop for or mail a greeting card. Using technology to maintain and grow personal relationships makes sense to me! The bonus is the time and money that I save with this system. I was a customer for a couple of years before becoming a distributor, so I was completely comfortable as a customer before exploring the business model. Using the online tool as a customer is free (no sign-up fees), but you will pay for postage at USPS rates and for your selected cards (about $.50 each for beautiful greeting cards).  Send a FREE CARD today and brighten someone’s day!

There are several videos on the website that demonstrate the full product offering – now including GIFTS for all occasions!

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