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We enjoy travel…and writing…and photography-the perfect mix for a blog! Our blog name reflects our journey. Life has been good, not always easy. The twists and turns could never be anticipated or imagined. Just when it seems there is no way out or the challenge ahead overwhelms us, a door opens. Sometimes, a trap door underneath and sometimes a well-camouflaged doorway opened by a gentle and caring co-worker, cousin, friend, parent or stranger. We travel through, finding that this culmination of paths become our shared journey.

This site was originally created to share some travel photos with our family and friends.  As we learn more about blogging, it has become a place where we share our passion for travel and photography.  We’re also sharing tips on money matters related to travel.  To top it off, this site has also become the home of Yarns & Loose Ends, which are stories about us and random thoughts about life.

This blog displays our daily balance between working our corporate jobs and planning our next trip to explore this wonderful world.  Our travel style is that we travel to know the world better, not to be a tourist just passing through. We tend to bypass the t-shirt shops and the “must” locations and look for the restaurant on the side street or the museums that are off the beaten path.  We do this even when we are on a “port of the day” cruise ship, a resort hotel, or when we are in places that we have visited many times before.  We look forward to a time in our lives that we can settle into a locale for a few months at a time instead of trips limited to a day or a week.

Financially, we’ll be enjoying our careers in the corporate work-world for several more years before we can become full-time adventurers.  Our day trips, weekend get-aways and yearly “big trips” are sustaining the dream for the near term. Destinations within sight are a trip to Washington DC, exploring the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and perhaps a week on an island in the Caribbean.

We’ve dabbled at cultural immersion travel through the years and agree that it is a lifestyle that we could enjoy in our retirement years.  As a co-op student, I alternated semesters between work and study, squeezing every possible adventure into the weekends while knowing that the timeline was finite.  During years of service in the US Navy, John was able to live in several locations including Motta Sant’Anastasia, Sicily.

We’ve started our wish list…thanks for joining us for the journey through words and photos.

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  1. My career has been in the telecom industry, so this quote from Alexander Graham Bell resonated with my thoughts…
    “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” ―Alexander Graham Bell

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