Meridian, Mississippi and Weidmann’s Restaurant

Weidmann's, Meridian Mississippi

Weidmann’s, Delicious southern food in Meridian Mississippi

Meridian, Mississippi is the perfect distance for a quick daytrip. We headed out mid-morning and decided to have lunch at Weidmann’s before looking around the town.  Through the years, I had heard others mention the restaurant favorably, but I had never been there. This time I was visiting the city as both a tourist and tour guide and saw the world through a different lens.

I recently read Sela Ward’s memoir“Homesick” and near page 44 there is a reference to this famed restaurant. “Ceiling fans turn lazily overhead, not so much circulating the air as bumping it along”.  Yes, that’s the Mississippi that I recall from my childhood. So, this must be a perfect restaurant for showing off the city to a first time visitor.  And it was.  We munched on crackers and peanut butter while waiting the few minutes for lunch service. the food was delicious and as history buffs, we really enjoyed learning of the traditions of this storied Southern belle.

Weidmann's in Meridian Mississippi

Weidmann's in Meridian Mississippi






Getting There: The restaurant is easily accessible from the main interstate road of I-20 and I-59.  The address is 210 22nd Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi 39301.  It is in the historic downtown section of Meridian and within sight of the sixteen story building known as the Threefoot Building, which is the tallest building in the downtown area.


Monday through Thursday  – 11:00 am – 9:30 pm 
Friday and Saturday –  11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday  – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Roosevelt State Park in Morton, Mississippi

We went exploring at Roosevelt State Park today.

Roosevelt State Park Lake

Lake View at Roosevelt State Park- Morton Mississippi

The sunny day and blue skies were perfect for testing out my new camera.  The park is located about 10 miles from our home and we have passed by many times without stopping to visit.  It is about a mile north of I-20 just about 45 minutes’ drive east of Jackson Mississippi. For a $3 day-pass entry fee, we visited the lake area, picnic locations (which were abundant) and saw the CCC cabins that are part of the National Historic Register.  The entry station was not manned, but there was a sign asking for the $3 to be placed in the honor box located nearby.

Hotel at Roosevelt State Park

Hotel at Roosevelt State Park

The hotel on-site is a bonus at $62/night for weekdays and $74 /night for weekends. Every room faces the lake and has an outdoor area with seating.  We drove through the RV section of the park and found the area that is set aside for tent camping.  There are several hiking trails through the park. The park store and visitor center were closed on this Sunday afternoon. We had hoped to get a map with the hiking trail locations.

It was a beautiful and relaxing afternoon and we look forward to going back soon!

Roosevelt State Park Entry

… And Then the Police were right behind us

We had the best of intentions, really, we did! This was the day of our 5K run at the local Wing Dang Doodle Festival in Forest, Mississippi. After several mis-steps getting out the door, we were late to the start and actually were BEHIND the police cars for the first 3/4 mile. Then, they waited for us and we moved on through the route knowing that we were dead last in the race. We persevered and eventually passed a participant with an injured ankle. So, we didn’t finish last, but the lesson for the day was to get to the start line on time next year!